How to apply for jobs in English abroad


How to Apply for Jobs in English Abroad


This online workshop focuses on the distinctive aspects of applying for jobs in English and is fashioned specifically for students pursuing careers in motion-picture making. It provides training in navigating major stages of the application process, including building your curriculum vitae and cover letter and presenting yourself convincingly in the interview.


We'll examine sample CVs and cover letters, and you'll role-play the interview in breakout rooms. The virtual format also provides the perfect opportunity to gain experience with interviewing online. The workshop's overall goal is to enable you to create effective application materials on your own and to increase your confidence when interviewing in English.


The workshop is held in English by a native speaker.


Topics include:

•    Optimizing credentials for the CV/resume
•    Structuring a cover letter appealingly
•    Answering a variety of interview questions convincingly
•    Selected differences: British and American English
•    The thank you note


This content is especially geared towards the students of the “Motion Picture” study program of the h-da’s Media faculty. Students of other faculties, however, may also find the content useful and are welcome to attend.



Andrew Cerniski,
English, Inc., Heidelberg



Thursday, 2. December 2021, 14:15 - 17:30



Please register via Vorlesungsverzeichnis. (Career Center → How to Apply for Jobs in English Abroad)

Term for application:

Tuesday, 9. November 2021, 10:00



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