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Media, Technology and Society (M.Sc.)

Semester 3/4 Semester
Wintersemester / Sommersemester


Digital media are having an ever greater impact on society. It is therefore vital for companies to keep pace, especially as they are increasingly reaching their target groups via online media. They therefore need experts who keep an eye on technological developments and at the same time reflect on these interactions with social trends and make strategic use of them. Their education is in the Master‘s programme „Media, Technology and Society“. The graduates are experts in the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of new forms of communication, media and study methods for journalism and strategic communication. At the same time, they are sensitized to the ethical dimensions of digitization, for example with regard to the use of data. Additional information on the study program can be found on the website of the study program Media, Technology and Society.


Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of editing and consulting where media, technology and society interact:

  • Media and communication: e.g. in publishing houses and radio stations, in communication departments and agencies
  • Technology: in companies that produce and operate digital media and applications. In addition, in the field of science and knowledge management
  • Society: in NGOs, foundations and other charitable institutions, as well as in segments such as lifelong learning.

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


The English-language programme is offered in two variants: three-semester for graduates of relevant seven-semester Bachelor programmes, four-semester for those from sixsemester Bachelor programmes. This is preceded by a practical semester. Together, all students acquire in-depth methodological, theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the fields of technology and society in two semesters. These are put into practice in workshops and laboratories. Elective modules enable individual specialisation. You will find a detailed description of the course contents in the module manual (German).


All candidates undergo an aptitude test. A further admission requirement is a qualified Bachelor‘s or diploma degree in the field of media sciences or a related field. The three-semester course requires 210 CP. For the four-semester variant 180 CP are required. In the first semester an additional practical term is required. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provitions of the Examination Regulations (German) as well as in the Admission Regulations (German).

Registration deadline (German certificate)



„An absolutely practical master‘s degree: Insider knowledge and media competence are included in the degree.“
Jasmin Krenzer, Communications Manager / Member of the Executive Board, WeGo Systembaustoffe GmbH


Study programme coordination
Sebastian Pranz


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