Upon deregistration, your membership at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences ends and so does your status as a student. We therefore recommend that you maintain your student status until the end of a semester.

  • If you complete your studies and pass the final examination, you will automatically be deregistered at the end of the semester.
  • If, as a precaution, you re-register for the next semester before your graduation date is entered in the system, your deregistration will not take place automatically at the end of your graduation semester, but only at the end of the next semester. Please deregister accordingly at the end of the semester in which you graduated.
  • If you interrupt your studies or wish to change universities, please apply for deregistration by September 30th of a summer semester and March 31st of a winter semester at the latest. After the start of the semester (01.04. for a summer semester/01.10. for a winter semester), deregistration is only possible at the end of the semester that has started or at the current date.
  • Retrospective deregistration is generally not possible. If you were deregistered by order of the university, you can only apply for deregistration at the end of the semester in which you were last enrolled.

Your access to my.h-da – Mein Hochschulportal ends 180 days after the date of your deregistration.

Deregistration on the current date

Deregistration on a specific date before the end of the current semester is only possible if we have the student's CampusCard together with the complete application for deregistration by the date requested.

If we receive the application without the CampusCard, deregistration will not take place on the date requested, but on the date on which the application is complete.  

What a is deregistration by order of the university?

In this case, the university will deregister the student. Reasons for this are: 

  • missing/incomplete payment of the semester contribution,
  • non-fulfilment of obligations within the framework of student health insurance,
  • Final failure to pass a preliminary, intermediate or final examination (you will be informed of this in advance by the Examinations Office).



You can apply for exmatriculation directly on in the section "Studienservice". Before submitting the application, please ensure that you no longer have any liabilities towards the h_da (e.g. return of books). You can have the CampusCard credit paid out in advance in the canteen. The validity of the CampusCard and RMV ticket ends on the day of your deregistration. Once the application has been processed, the certificate of deregistration is available to you online at

Refund of the semester fee

The refund of the semester fee is only possible for certain reasons, all of which can be found in the application for refund
In the event of deregistration on the current date during the semester, no refund will be made.