Computer Science with focus Communication and Media in Computer Science

Semester 6 Semester
Winter semester
Without admission restriction.


Information technology is changing rapidly. New applications, programs and devices are constantly coming onto the market. The demands on flexibility and creativity of computer scientists are increasing. In the Bachelor's programme in Computer Science with a focus on Communication and Media in Computer Science (KMI), students first learn the technical and methodological basics of computer science including the common programming languages. Theoretical and practical software development is a focal point of the curriculum. While hardware-related programming is given a somewhat lower priority than in the regular Bachelor's programme, the focus is on social and communicative skills such as team reflection. In addition, students are trained in design in order to develop products with a higher usability. More detailed information on the programme can be found at the website of the Faculty of Computer Science.



Graduates have excellent career prospects and can be employed in all areas of computer science. This includes:

  • Software development/design, testing and maintenance
  • System consulting and training
  • Development, support of databases and networks
  • Reliability and security of software and hardware.

Building on the Bachelor's degree, the following Master's programmes are possible:

Computer Science - Master of Science


In the first and second semesters, the focus is on the basics of computer science and team-oriented communication. In the third semester, these skills are applied on a project-related basis. In the fifth semester, elective modules are offered in cooperation with the Media Department, with the focus on the development of interactive products. In principle, KMI students attend the same courses as other computer science students, only the core courses take place in smaller groups. A detailed presentation of the course contents can be found in the module manual (German).



The programme is not admissions restricted (no NC), but proof of completion of an online self-assessment for enrolment must be provided. You can find further information at

Among other things, these school-leaving qualifications are regarded as admission requirements:

  • General qualification for university entrance
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification valid in Hessen
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification valid in Hessen

Various competences and skills are required for a successful study of computer science. These include:

  • Mathematical-logical and abstract thinking
  • Independent, careful and result-oriented work
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Team spirit
  • Good command of English.

A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the  Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

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