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Computer Science (Master's degree)

Semester 4 Semester
Winter semester/summer semester


The application-oriented Master's programme teaches the current state of the art and imparts the ability to apply it to problems and develop innovative solutions. You will be able to derive and elaborate scientific methods for informatically difficult and complex problems in practice or in research and to apply them with the corresponding knowledge. The programmes therefore focus on in-depth courses in both theoretical and application-oriented subjects of computer science. In order to meet the requirements regarding interdisciplinary key qualifications, a selection of subjects from the field of soft skills complements the programme. The programme is composed of elective courses and allows you to deepen your knowledge according to your interests and abilities. You have the option of choosing a specialisation that is shown on the certificate. You can find more detailed information on the degree programme at website of the Faculty of Computer Science.



The Master's degree opens up good opportunities on the job market, a higher starting salary and access to management positions. The subject areas you will be dealing with are complex and demanding. Typical areas of work are:

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Software and system design.

The Master's degree enables access to the higher civil service and is the basis for admission to doctoral studies.

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


The modules of the Master's programme provide qualifications and competences for these fields of activity. These study units may include courses, project work or laboratory phases. They serve the purpose of imparting the ability to recognise and solve practice-related problems in addition to sound specialist knowledge. The overview below illustrates the structure of the programme. It also lists access options for the study programme. A detailed presentation of the course contents can be found in the module manual (German).


The admission requirement for the Master's programme is a qualified Bachelor's degree in the field of computer science. Furthermore, other aspects that are conducive to the study of computer science (e.g. practical computer science work, completion of the Bachelor's degree within the standard period of study, student representative body work, semester abroad) can be taken into account in a selection process. University degrees in a subject comparable to computer science can be recognised for admission to the programme. The required qualification profile can, if necessary, be supplemented in bridge courses before the start of studies. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in den Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

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Programme Director
Prof. Dr. Michael von Rüden



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