Your Contact Persons

Your Contact Persons

Do you need our scientific expertise? Do you want us to accompany or advise you on a project? Do you have questions about a research project at EU, federal or state level? Are you a researcher at the h_da and need internal support? Below you will find all the central contact persons for your questions regarding research, development and transfer - from associations to ZIM projects.

Contact Persons for the Area of Research

What research interests, funding lines and programmes are there - and what are the current calls for proposals? Which funding is possible - and which application is necessary? Our research officers are at home in the field of research funding and guide researchers at the h_da as well as external partners to their goal.

BMBF Projects | ATHENE


Dr. Rainer Becker

Phone: +49.6151.533-60215

E-mail: Rainer Becker

BMWK Projects (ZIM) | HMWK Projects (LOEWE)


Dr. Jens Butzke

Phone: +49.6151.533-60312

E-mail: Jens Butzke

DFG Projects


Dr. Jeanine Dörr

Phone: +49.6151.533-60364

E-mail: Jeanine Dörr

EU Projects | EFRE Funding | BMWK Projects (except ZIM) | BMBF Fundings witch EU Relevance | Foundations | Other Funding Lines at Federal Level


Dr. Ute Jochem

Phone: +49.6151.533-68081

E-mail: Ute Jochem

Private and Public Contract Research | Research-related Services | Foundations | Associations | Grants for Conference Attendance


Dr. Martin Loder

Phone: +49.6151.533-60227

E-mail: Martin Loder

Legal Advice | Patents and Licences | Contracts


Heike Walther

Phone: +49.6151.533-68015

E-mail: Heike Walther

Are you unsure who is the right contact person for your request? Send us an email to

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Contact Persons for the Area of Transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) is part of the essence and self-image of the h_da as a university of applied sciences. With their work in teaching, research and development, many employees in the departments make a significant contribution to this. Here you will find your central contact persons in matters of KTT. Are you unsure who you should contact? Send us an email at

Knowledge and Technology Transfer | Cooperations | European Innovation & Tech Transfer Office | Alumni Management


Anna Herbst

Phone: +49.6151.533-60279

E-mail: Anna Herbst

Knowledge and Technology Transfer | Transfer Workshops | Steinbeis Companies | Trade Fair Participation


Dr. Jeanine Dörr

Phone: +49.6151.533-60364

E-mail: Jeanine Dörr

Legal Advice | Patents and Licences | Contracts


Heike Walther

Phone: +49.6151.533-68015

E-mail: Heike Walther

Public Relations Alumni, Research and Transfer | Editorial Website


Daniel Timme

Phone: +49.6151.533-60133

E-mail: Daniel Timme

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Contact Persons at the Research Centers

In four research centers so far, professors and staff at the h_da are researching and developing topics in applied computer science, digital communication, materials and process technology, sustainable processes and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, the coordinators will be happy to help you.

Coordinator Research Center for Applied Computer Science (FZ AI)

Lukas Kaupp

Phone: +49.6151.533-60141

E-mail: Lukas Kaupp

Coordinator Research Center Digital Communication and Media Innovation (FZ DKMI)


Rita Vas-Deuschel

Phone: +49.6151.533-60182

E-mail: Rita Vas-Deuschel

Coordinator Research Center Materials and Process Technology (FZ MPT)


Philipp Seeger

Phone: +49.6151.533-60177

E-mail: Philipp Seeger

Coordinator Research Center Sustainable Processes and Procedures (FZ NPV)


Dr. Rainer Becker

Phone: +49.6151.533-60215

E-mail: Rainer Becker

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Contact Persons for Doctorates

The support of young academics has a high priority at the h_da. The central point of contact for all questions concerning doctorates is our Graduate School. Doctoral students, those interested in doctoral studies and all those involved can obtain advice and support from the contact persons listed here. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us an email to

Counselling | Coordination of the PhD Programmes | Organisation of the Graduate School


Dr. Janina Fengel

Phone: +49.6151.533-69458

E-mail: Janina Fengel

Graduate School Secretariat


Petra Klitzsch-Held

Phone: +49.6151.533-69456

E-mail: Petra Klitzsch-Held

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Responsibles SFT and Research Area

Vice President for Research and Sustainable Development


Prof. Dr. Nicole Saenger

Phone: +49.6151.533-68178

E-mail: Nicole Saenger

Head of Service Center Research and Transfer (SFT)


Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring

Phone: +49.6151.533-68743

E-mail: Thomas Döring

Assistant to the Head of SFT


Benjamin Glässel

Phone: +49.6151.533-60179

E-mail: Benjamin Glässel