Research Data Management

Digital research data are gaining in importance not only because of their growing quantity. Rather, they are a special knowledge resource that ensures the traceability of research results and can lead to new findings through subsequent use. Research data have a high value and must - in line with good scientific practice - be responsibly secured in all phases of the data life cycle and be accessible and reproducible. Furthermore, dedicated research data management is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for the acquisition of external funding.

Various infrastructures and services are needed to support researchers in handling their digital research data. To this end, ten Hessian universities and the Association Centre of the Hessian Library and Information System are working together under the leadership of the Philipps University of Marburg to establish a sustainable infrastructure within the framework of the project "Hessian Research Data Infrastructures". This research data infrastructure is intended to initiate and coordinate the necessary organisational and technological processes to anchor research data management at the participating universities.