Alright, the self-disclosure is never going to be every single person’s favourite pastime. A smidgen of pluck, a photo from student days and 15 minutes of your valuable time is all it will take, though. For should you occasionally enjoy filling out moodily-indiscreet questionnaires, and are reasonably forthcoming – just go for it! The form template and instructions are available on the right-hand side (respectively below) to download.

By all means have fun reading the profiles that have already been posted. However, please, read them, but you don’t really need to take notes, do you?

Aileen Barz self-disclosure

Aileen Barz


self-disclosure February 2021

Selim Cakir self-disclosure

Selim Cakir


self-disclosure March 2021




Anna Herbst

Public Relations
Daniel Timme

Download & instructions

The self-disclosure is meant to be fun, for both writer and reader. The form can be filled-out using Acrobat Reader. Many of the questions are deliberately vague, to leave the decision-making in your court, and the only prerequisite is ‘brief, and to the point’, merely because we only have a limited text length.

The real eye-catchers are quite literally the two portrait photos: one of you during student days, the other one somewhat more contemporary. Rebel yoof-look meets respectable job-application photo, anyone? You’re welcome! We can take care of the sizing-up process for you – but please don’t forget to note down in the form the years they were shot in. Then please send your form and photos by e-mail to – and that’s all there is to it!

We look forward to receiving your contributions – and hope you have fun compiling things!