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Animation and Game Direction

Semester 3/4 Semester
Winter semester/summer semester


The rapidly evolving, highly competitive animation and games industry offers ample career opportunities for skilled professionals who are able to develop innovative formats and lead creative teams. The English language Master‘s programme Animation and Game Direction offers students advanced theoretical knowledge and methodological competencies in order to develop directorial authorship based on intense genre knowledge, industrial standard producing practices as well as strong leadership skills. Students are enabled to create compelling, original content as well as carry out relevant research in the field of animations, games and emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. Additional information on the study program can be found on the website of the study programme Animation and Game Direction .


The Master‘s degree qualifies students for creative lea-dership roles in the international animation and games industry, such as

  • Animation director
  • Creative producer games
  • Art director or lead designer for animations, games or virtual reality
  • Script writer or narrative designer for animations and games
  • Research and development in the field of animations, games and emerging technologies

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


From the very beginning, the programme is project-based and application-oriented, combining the areas of animation and game in an interdisciplinary manner. After deepening their knowledge of scientific and conceptual design methods, the students quickly take over their own directing and producing projects, leading production teams from concept development to final release. For the Master‘s thesis, students usually design and implement a directorial project based on their own artistic and academic research. Cooperations with partners from industry, research or culture are strongly encouraged. You will find a detailed description of the course contents in the module manual (German).


The three-semester programme variant requires a qualified Bachelor's degree with 210 CP in the field of Animation and Game or in a related field of study. The programme starts in the summer semester. The four-semester programme variant requires a Bachelor's degree with 180 CP and can be taken up in the winter or summer semester. Students of the four-semester variant take an additional internship semester in the first semester (if starting in the winter semester) or in the third semester (if starting in the summer semester) or alternatively a semester abroad in a relevant degree programme.
A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

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