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Social Work

Semester 6 Semester
Winter semester
With admission restriction.


Continuous societal change is associated with many challenges and opportunities. Child and youth work, family support, addiction counselling and intercultural work are exemplary fields of social work in which the where the need for qualified professionals is high. Social workers were among the most sought-after academics in 2020. The study programme focuses on the teaching of scientific theories and methods and the acquisition of a wide range of skills to help people in complex social and individual life situations. Graduates support people in a socially integrated and at the same time self-determined lifestyles in the horizon of social justice. The degree programme qualifies students both for the professional shaping of relationships as well as for organisational activities. Further information on the course is available at the website of the Faculty of Social Work.


Graduates can choose from a wide range of fields of work:

  • Community work
  • General social service, youth welfare office
  • Family or debt counselling
  • Child and youth (social) work, school social work
  • Outpatient and (partial) inpatient help with education
  • Early help, pre-school education, media education
  • Help for refugees
  • Help for people with disabilities
  • Help for older people
  • Social psychiatric service, addiction support
  • Street work
  • Probationary services

Building on the Bachelor's degree, the following Master's programmes are possible:

Social Work: Critically reflective and empirical approaches (Master's degree)


Qualifications and skills requisite for this field of practice are conveyed by the Bachelor’s degree modules during lectures and seminars, project work or excursions. A detailed description of the degree course programme is presented in the module manual (German). A Bachelor’s degree enables graduates to take up professional work, and also permits them to apply for a Master’s degree course (see graphics).


A Social Work degree course (B.A.) is limited admission (n.c.). The following degrees, among others, are valid as admission prerequisites:

  • General higher education entrance qualification.
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification, valid in Hesse.
  • An advanced technical college certificate, valid in Hesse.

A detailed description of the admission prerequisites can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

Registration deadline (German certificate)