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Organisation and Structures

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has grown enormously since the turn of the millennium. The number of students has increased along with the number of lecturers, and structures have been newly formed and differentiated. You can find out more about the organisation of the h_da in general and about committees, functions and roles under University / Organisation.

The institutions, structures and projects particularly relevant to the area of research, development and transfer are briefly described below.

European University of Technology (EUt+): Within the EUt+ university alliance, which aims to establish a technology-oriented European university comprising eight partner universities, joint research structures have been forming since 2018. Institutes and laboratories with different objectives are currently being established. Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the EUt+ page.

Research centers: So far, four research centers at h_da form the apex of the structures developed and consolidated through interdisciplinary research work.

Research groups and institutes: In addition, researchers at the h_da work on a wide range of issues in around two dozen institutes, research groups, competence centers and laboratories in the departments.

Service Center for Research and Transfer (SFT): The staff of the SFT supports researchers in externally funded projects. In addition, the central activities of knowledge and technology transfer are located here. Further information on the SFT (DE).

System Innovation for Sustainable Development (s:ne): "s:ne" is a research-based transfer project funded within the framework of the Excellence Initiative "Innovative University". The aim is to increasingly establish processes towards sustainable development in the region.

Graduate School: The Graduate School is the h_da's central point of contact for all aspects of doctoral studies - for doctoral students and professors as well as for participating institutions and cooperation partners.

Doctoral centers: The h_da exercises its independent right to award doctorates in the three doctoral centers in the research-intensive disciplines of sustainability sciences, applied computer science and social work.

Library (DE): As the academic literature and information centre of the h_da, the library also plays a key role with regard to research, development and transfer - not least with its offerings in the context of Open Access and Open Science.