First steps in Germany

Our offers are aimed at prospective students and students who would like to spend their entire studies in Germany. For exchange programmes, please refer to the International Office

Register your residence

Normally, you must register your residence at the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in your municipality within 14 days of your arrival. However, it is possible that you will not be able to register your residence until later due to high demand. Therefore, it is important to book an appointment in good time.

After registration, you will receive your tax identification (Steuer-ID), which is relevant, for example, for taking up a part-time job.

If you are looking for a flat, you can use the numerous filters on WG-Gesucht to find a suitable flat share or flat. Tips on flat-sharing, applications and job interviews can be found on the portal's Youtube channel.

The comeTOgether tutors of the Students' Association offer social counselling in the areas of job and housing search. Here, advice and support is offered during the various application processes.

Frequently asked questions about finding accommodation are also answered on the website of the Students' Association.

If you live in Darmstadt, you will find the Residents' Registration Office in the Stadthaus in the Luisencenter (Luisenplatz 5). Appointments can be made online. If you live outside Darmstadt, you can find your local residents' registration office online.

Applying for a residence permit

All foreign students who do NOT come from an EU/EEA country must apply for a valid residence title at the Foreigners' Registration Office within three months of entering Germany and before their visa expires (§ 16 Residence Act).

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Open a bank account

A German bank account is particularly important when paying the rent and the monthly contribution to a German health insurance fund. It is therefore best to open a bank account in the first week after your arrival in Germany. 

Broadcasting fee

In order for the public service media in Germany to be able to produce economically and politically independent content without financing advertising, a broadcasting fee is charged.

It is financed on the basis of a solidarity model and is mandatory for all residents of Germany. You can find out more about the broadcasting fee here.

Health and Insurances

Health insurance

Insurance is compulsory for all students in Germany. International students must be insured with a statutory health insurance in Germany for their entire period of study. Without insurance, enrolment cannot take place. Proof of health insurance must also be presented when the residence permit is extended.



Good to know!

German health insurance funds with which you can insure yourself are e.g.
DAK, AOK, TK or Barmer. You can find out which one suits your needs best on the of the health insurance companies to find out which one best suits your needs.

The following links can also help you finding the right health insurance company for you:
Health insurance comparison (in German)
Comparison calculator for health insurance (in German)
Finding statutory health insurance for students (in German)

Liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects the insured person from the financial
consequences of self-inflicted damage and assumes claims for damages,
which are directed against the insured persons.We strongly recommend that you take out liability insurance, as even a little carelessness can cause considerable damage, for which you may have to pay very large sums of money.

Good to know

Welche Haftpflichtversicherung empfehlenswert und kostengünstig ist, erfahren
Sie über die Verbraucherschutzzentrale in Darmstadt oder den AStA
der h_da.


Find a family doctor (general practitioner)

We recommend that you see a family doctor as soon as possible after your arrival. The family doctor is responsible for basic medical care and is the first medical contact for all health problems.


Which doctor speaks my language?

Here you will find a brochure with a list of various doctors who speak different languages.