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A dozen faculties, currently around 70 very different degree programs - the h_da stands for diversity. This diversity is reflected in the lives and lifestyles, values and careers of our alumni. Here you will find many portraits of graduates and h_da members active in alumni work.

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Dirk Aßmann-Staudt

He describes himself as restless. But that's a bit of a red herring. Dirk Aßmann-Staudt is simply not afraid of change.


Anna Herbst

Anna Herbst has been Alumni Relations Manager at the h_da since October 2021. She loves supporting people on the path to their goals


Marcel Kaufmann

Studying optotechnics and image processing at the h_da was just one step towards his big goal. Kaufmann wants to become an astronaut ...


Karsten Schrobback

Karsten Schrobback started studying biotechnology at the h_da when he was almost 30. In 2006 he went to Australia – and got stuck there ...


Björn Bundschuh

He is a mechanical engineer and MBA, has worked in South Africa and crossed Latin America by motorbike. And his curiosity is not yet satisfied ...


Gabriela Arias Bravo

After her Bachelor's degree in Ludwigsburg, she completed a Master's degree in Media Development at the h_da. Since then, she has been advising…




Anna Herbst

Public Relations
Daniel Timme