Eine Studentin und ein Student neben einen Architektur-Modell

What makes us special

  • h_da is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Germany. Our students learn together in small groups.
  • We offer over 70 study programmes leading to many different qualifications – from Bachelor’s degree to doctorate.
  • We live and breathe innovation transfer: two thirds of theses and dissertations in our engineering programmes are produced together with industry.
  • In this way, students profit from the practical knowledge and personal networks of our professors – who must have worked in industry for at least five years.
  • UNESCO has commended us several times for our sustainability work.
  • We are the only university in Germany to confer the “Doctor of Sustainability Sciences”.


  • President Prof. Dr. Arnd Steinmetz
  • Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Collegiate Affairs Prof. Dr. Manfred Loch
  • Vice President for Research and Sustainable Development Prof. Dr. Nicole Saenger
  • Registrar Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bartnitzki