Start of studies

A warm welcome to h_da!

Despite the current situation and the everyday restrictions that have to be applied to contain the pandemic in many areas of public life, we are pleased to welcome new students in the winter semester 2021/2022! We have compiled initial, important information on the start of studies on this page.

Online or face-to-face?

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is currently planning to design the winter semester 2021/22 as a transition semester. Prof. Dr. Manfred Loch, Vice President for Studies and Student Affairs: "All students should have the opportunity to come to campus again, but not yet for every course. There will be attendance focuses for courses, such as labs, tutorials or small groups."

Greeting of the President

The President of the h_da welcomes the students in the winter semester 2021/2022

Introductory events depending on the degree programme

You will receive organisational information specific to your degree programme (e.g. on compiling the timetable, taking courses and registering for examinations) at the introductory event for your degree programme.

Overview of central events for study beginners

h_da PREMIERE: Central welcome ceremony

15.10.2021 at 11 am (online)

Live-Stream in English

Starthilfe: Service facilities introduce themselves

15.10.2021 at 12:15 pm

Further information (in German)

Online course to prepare for online classes (in German)


Welcome gift: h_da-backpack!

First-semester Bachelor students receive a bag with exciting goodies for the start of their studies. The bag will be handed out at the Darmstadt and Dieburg campuses from 15.11. onwards upon presentation of the voucher that was sent to them.

Students in the Media and Economics departments will receive information via email on how to collect their bag from their respective department. All others can pick up their bag in Darmstadt in front of building C19 (Schöfferstraße 3) at the following times:

  • Monday, 15.11., 16-18 Uhr,
  • Tuesday, 16.11., 14-16 Uhr,
  • Wednesday, 17.11., 16-18 Uhr,
  • Thursday, 18.11., 16-18 Uhr und
  • Friday, 19.11.,  12-14 Uhr.

We ask you to take advantage of the entire time window. Should there still be a waiting time during the issue, please keep your distance and wear a mask.

Your first steps as a student

  1. Activate your student account to gain access to your
    student email and to the self-service portal my.h-da. Follow the information and tutorials on this (in German).
  2. Find the central contact points at h_da for possible concerns during your studies in the PDF "Help Yourself" (in German).
  3. Find out about ways to finance your studies.
  4. Find out more about the learning platform ‘Moodle’, which you can register to via your h_da account.

Every student should be aware of these service facilities:

The Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (AStA) (German) represents the interests of every student at the university. They also offer comprehensive advice services and events, as well as opportunities for those interested to participate in university politics.


The library (German) at h_da is the scientific literature and information centre for the entire university.


The Dual Study Centre (German) offers support to students enrolled on dual studies courses, answering questions about registering, student contracts and all other questions concerning the dual studies system.


The office of family affairs (German) offers advice and support to students with families to look after (child-raising, caring for relatives), and on the compatibility of study courses and family life.


It is one of the university sports (German) tasks to provide all members of the university with a wide choice of different types of sports, and motivate them to regularly participate in sporting activities.


The university centre hosts a range of study-related measures, such as the supplementary offer of maths fit, incorporating maths pre-course, plus the student training pool or the Career Center with its own integrated Job-portal.


International Office

The International Office informs students about study courses and practical activities abroad.

IT DuA (German) is the place to go for central IT services, such as students’ email accounts, master passwords or virtual learning facilities.


The languages centre (German) provides language courses and assessment tests for students, irrespective of their study course.


When your studies commence in earnest, many new impressions follow, perhaps questions as well. It can often help to talk with students already studying (German), and who are taking the same degree course – for they have also experienced similar things to you.


Whether you are in the initial, practical or completion phase: difficulties can arise at any time during a study course. A consultation with the student advisory service can help to find solutions for problems that may arise, enabling your individual objectives to be fulfilled.


Included amongst the diverse offers the students’ union has in its programme, are advice on financing study courses (Bafög in particular), social consultations as well as allocating places in halls of residence via their ‘living space service’.


The SuK (German), as it is abbreviated in university-speak, is part and parcel of the majority of degree courses, by offering students the opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary competencies and qualifications.



Student advisory service

Telephone consultation
















Virtual campus tour

A virtual visit to the campus is now also possible.


Studying during the pandemic

  • Important pandemic-related information, and the current regulations and stipulations these give rise to, are available at the FAQ on Studying and seminars.