Sustainable Development: Rethink!

If we do not rethink in many respects, our planet is in danger. In order to preserve our livelihoods, we need to act with foresight and responsibility. Based on this insight, we have made the topic of sustainable development an integral part of our research and development work. Many of our activities in research, development and transfer are aimed at the economic, technical, social or ecological dimension of sustainable development. As a university of applied sciences, we think about obstacles and the feasibility of new approaches and take different perspectives into account.

The topic of sustainability permeates the research and development activities of many departments and central institutions at h_da. Our doctoral center for sustainability sciences, which is unique in the German scientific landscape, is a unique selling point. In terms of content, it is closely interwoven with our research centers Sustainable Processes and Procedures (fz npv | DE) and Materials and Process Technology (fz mpt). Our comprehensive research approach takes the multi-layered topic into account. This is reflected, among other things, in the Initiative: Sustainable Development at h_da (i:ne | DE), in the System Innovation for Sustainable Development (s:ne) project, which was successfully completed at the end of 2022, and the resulting Innovation and Transformation Platform for Sustainable Development (itp:ne | DE). In autumn 2022, the h_da also established the Green Office (DE) as a central contact point and hub for sustainable development topics at h_da.

With our research and development activities, we want to make contributions to collective and individual rethinking. In doing so, we make sure - also in line with the objectives of EUT+ - that possible technological solutions take into account the needs of people and the environment and are sustainable. Within the framework of EUT+, our researchers are significantly involved in the Sustainability Lab. An overview of the activities, initiatives, campaigns and institutions in the field of sustainable development at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences can be found on h_da nachhaltig (DE).

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Our Strategy Concept 2025

"Helping to shape the future - influencing society" is the title of our strategic concept 2025. This short video (DE) presents it to you.

Research Map of the ‘HRK’

The German Rectors' Conference (‘Hochschulrektorenkonferenz’ (HRK)) presents profile-forming research priorities of German universities on its research map. One of the three research foci of the h_da identified there is "Process Technologies and Sustainability".