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General information

Please note: The information on this website is not legally binding.

  • A room is not associated with an acceptance to study at the h_da. The university does not provide rooms. This means that you are responsible for finding your own accommodation.

  • Also, it is very important to start looking for a room/flat a few weeks or months in advance, as it can take some time to find accommodation.

To successfully search for a flat, you should first look at these important shortcuts to get a better understanding of everything.

Further Information & Tips


  • In Darmstadt or Dieburg, you have to expect to pay between approx. 350€ and approx. 600€ rent per month (includes additional charges), sometimes more depending on the type of accommodation.

  • Attention: Electricity and gas prices can still rise!

Search area

Recommendable: Extend the search radius and also search outside the city centre.

  • Search also in the suburbs of Dieburg or Darmstadt (e.g. Arheilgen, Wixhausen, Eberstadt) or in places nearby.

  • Note: As a student, you have a so-called semester ticket, which allows you to use public transport in the area. This means that if you find accommodation outside of Darmstadt or Dieburg, you will not incur any additional costs for public transport.

  • You can find possible places to look for on the map on this website (under "In which other areas can I look for accomodation?").

Renting basics

The monthly rent for a flat is divided into Kaltmiete and Warmmiete:

  • Kaltmiete, also called basic rent, is the part of the rent that covers the use of one or more rooms.

  • If you add the costs for waste collection, water, gas, heating and other amenities in the house, the so-called Nebenkosten, or utility costs, you get the Warmmiete, the total rent.

Check the rental prices carefully and compare them. Is the price quoted the basic rent or does it include payments for facilities? Remember that there may be other costs in addition to the total rent (Warmiete), e.g. for telephone, internet, household insurance.

Rental contract

Read the rental contract carefully! 

  • You often only pay a contribution towards the costs of facilities. You may be sent
    an additional invoice once the annual accounts have been drawn up.

  • You normally need to pay a security deposit that generally amounts to 2-3 net
    rent payments.

  • You also need to be alert to possible clauses relating to rent increases or your
    own contributions for repairs.

  • Please note whether only one person or everyone is the main tenant. If everyone
    is equal as far as the contract is concerned, then all tenants share the rights and
    duties therein. If only one person is the main tenant, then he/she has to pay for any
    temporarily vacant rooms.

    • Who is the main tenant?

      • The person who has concluded the tenancy agreement or who is stated as such in the rental contract.

Deposit "(Kaution)"

  • You almost always have to pay a Kaution or deposit, which which usually amounts to three times your monthly basic rent and serves as security for your landlord.

  • You will get the deposit back when you move out, if you leave the flat in good condition.

  • Do not pay a deposit before you have seen the flat. You should only make a deposit after signing a rental contract!


  • A housing provider certificate/confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung) is a certificate that must be issued by the owner, landlord or main tenant of the appartment to confirm or enable moving into the appartment.

  • It is a confirmation required by law when moving into a new home and was introduced as part of the registration law in Germany (§ 19 BMG). The form is required for every move.

  • In addition, this certificate must be presented when registering a residence at the Citizens' Registration Office.

Different types of housing

The region around Darmstadt and Dieburg offers various types of housing, you can get an overview here.

Student residences from the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt

Where to search: stwda.de/accomodation-service

  • often offer the cheapest accommodation for students. (Rent price depends on location, size and amenities).

  • You live in an apartment with other students and share certain rooms, such as bathroom and kitchen. There are also some single apartments or apartments for families.

  • Since these rooms are very popular, it is important to secure a place early on

  • It is very likely that you will not find a room in a student residence for your first semester, but it is still a good idea to apply. If you are on the waiting list, you may be able to get a place in the following semester(s).

Private residences

Flatshares "Wohngemeinschaft (WG)"

  • Several students live together in a privately rented apartment.

  • Kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a living room are shared, but each roommate has his/her own room.

  • The costs for rent, electricity and internet are shared. Rental costs also depend on location, room size, and other factors. 

  • This form of living together is one of the most popular among young people in Germany.

  • Where to look for shared apartments?

  • How it works:

    • You can search for flatshares or post your own wanted ad on various online platforms.

  • Important tips: 

    • How to write a successful application for a shared apartment (Do's and Dont's), can be found here.  

    • How to master a flatshare tour, you can find here.

Own apartment

  • If you prefer to live alone, you can rent your own apartment.

  • This is the most comfortable, but usually the most expensive form of accommodation.

  • Only search for apartments that include a kitchen

Tips on how to write to a landlord can be found here.

Interim solution/ Interim tenancy

  • If you don't have a place to stay when the semester starts in Germany, you can try an interim let:
  • Many students sublet their room for a limited period of time when they themselves go abroad or complete an internship elsewhere.

  • You can find available rooms in social networks (e.g. Facebook groups), for example.

  • When subletting: The landlord is the main tenant. 

  • You can also rent a room in a hostel/hotel, a youth hostel or a private B&B until you find permanent accommodation

  • Examples of short-term accommodation in Darmstadt

Important to note!

  • Always try to arrange a flat viewing (either online or on site).

  • You will also find flat advertisements that you should be sceptical about, here are some examples. 

  • The student team „comeTOgether“ can support you in searching and applying for private rooms/ apartments. They have also a list with private accommodation offers.

Finally found a flat

You have already found a flat? Then you need to make an appointment for registration. You can find out how to do that here.