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Computer Science - dual (Master's degree)

Semester 4/6 Semester
Winter semester/summer semester


IT companies often have to map their own or external business processes with a high IT component, implement large individual software projects or pursue elaborate optimisation goals for resource requirements or quality assurance. The dual Master's programme in Computer Science provides its students with the ability to apply scientific methods and findings in the processing of difficult and complex computer science problems. Students can choose the main focus of their studies from the following areas:

  • Business Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • IT Security
  • Technical and graphic systems.

At Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, the Master's degree in Computer Science can be studied both in regular and dual programmes. The special feature of the dual variant is the close integration with practical work. The students are already employed by a partner company during their studies. More detailed information on the degree programme can be found on the website of the Faculty of Computer Science.


The Master's degree opens up good opportunities on the labour market, a higher starting salary and access to management positions. Master's graduates work primarily in positions with interface functions and complex tasks in the following areas:

  • Secure software development/design and testing
  • IT and security consulting
  • Development of databases and networks
  • Securing IT infrastructures
  • Design and quality assurance of embedded systems
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Design of complex IT architectures
  • Analysis and mapping of business processes with IT.

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


The dual Master's programme in Computer Science is characterised above all by a flexible alternation between study courses at the university and practical phases and work in the partner company. In addition to the high level of practical relevance, the company remuneration enables financial independence and concentration on the essentials. The programme offers a pure elective course of study from a theory and practice catalogue - freely selectable according to interests. Accompanying events from the social and cultural sciences as well as work in the company promote the acquisition of action competences and key qualifications (soft skills). In contrast to the Bachelor's dual system, the work activity during the theory phases can be individually negotiated between the student and the company. Thus, a lot is possible, from full-time studies to half a job during a theoretical phase. The respective duration of studies is adapted to these agreements.


The admission requirement for the Master's programme is a qualified Bachelor's degree in the field of computer science. Further information can be found at: In addition, a final study agreement with a partner company is required.  You can find a selection of partner companies at

The Master's programme in Computer Science dual can be started in the summer or winter semester. Applications should be sent directly to the desired partner companies. After a successful application procedure, a student contract is concluded between the future student and the company. Subsequently, enrolment at the university is applied for. Online application and further information can be found at and on the webpages of the Dual Study Centre Darmstadt at www.h-da/dual.

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