Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice

The rules of good scientific practice are the basis for excellent and trustworthy science. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is committed to these rules and has therefore drawn up a guideline that is binding for all members of the university.

Good scientific practice means

  • working lege artis and always following the latest scientific findings
  • always taking a critical look at the scientific results obtained and always checking them
  • carefully analysing other scientific opinions and arguing with integrity in relation to the contributions of other scientists
  • comprehensive quality assurance and the documentation of all steps in the research process as well as the preparation and maintenance of empirical research data in order to ensure the reproducibility and reproducibility of research results;
  • the protection of intellectual property when publishing by carefully citing other publications and correctly citing the findings and ideas of other authors;
  • that knowledge transfer activities and consultations are research-based and based on scientifically sound findings and that personal views are made recognisable.



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