Information Science and Informatics

Various research and application areas have developed into disciplines of their own in the field of computer science and informatics. Computer and information science includes in particular

  • Computer science itself, the science of the systematic processing of information, in particular automatic processing with the aid of computers
  • Information Science, which deals with how information is extracted from data and prepared for human beings,
  • Business informatics as an interface between computer science and the economic sciences, especially business administration
  • the various forms of interdisciplinarity between computer science and media, focusing on the interface between man and machine and dealing with the connection between computer science, psychology, industrial science, media technology, media design and didactics
  • other productive border areas such as the area of information law.

Mathematics provides important foundations for this broad interdisciplinary area, as it does for the natural and engineering sciences.

Computer Science - dual (B.Sc.) Bachelor 7 free yes DE
Computer Science - dual (M.Sc.) Master 4/6 * yes DE
Computer Science - dual with focus IT Security (B.Sc.) Bachelor 7 free yes DE
Computer Science (B.Sc.) Bachelor 6 free DE
Computer Science (M.Sc.) Master 4 * yes DE
Computer Science with focus Communication and Media in Computer Science Bachelor 6 free DE
Information Science (B.Sc.) Bachelor 6 free yes DE
Information Science (M.Sc.) Master 4 * yes DE

Sem* ≘ Semester, Start* ≘ Start of studies, Form* ≘ Form of admission, Lang* ≘ Instruction language, Test ≘ Aptitude test Dual/Cooperative ≘ yes


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