Natural Science and Mathematics

Natural sciences and mathematics make important contributions to almost all courses of study at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences - but they also give the university a specific profile with its own study programmes.

Mathematics is basically a science that examines self-created abstract structures for their properties and patterns and finds applications in all areas of human knowledge.

The natural sciences deal with inanimate and animate nature and attempt to describe and explain it. Physics, chemistry and biology have a lasting influence on the image of the natural sciences.

Applied Mathematics (Bachelor's degree)B.Sc. 6 winter semester/ summer semester free DE
Applied Mathematics (Master's degree)M.Sc. 4 winter semester/ summer semester * DE
BiotechnologyB.Sc. 7 winter semester Numerus Clausus (NC) DE
Chemical Engineering and BiotechnologyM.Eng. 3 winter semester/ summer semester * DE
Chemistry - dualB.Sc. 6 winter semester free DE
Data ScienceM.Sc. 4 winter semester * DE
Optical Technology and Image Processing (Bachelor's degree)B.Sc. 7 winter semester free DE
Optical Technology and Image Processing (Master's degree)M.Sc. 3 winter semester/ summer semester * DE

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Pre-course to refresh school mathematics knowledge
Learning center for support during studieszur studienbegleitenden Unterstützung
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