Person in front of an electrotechnical experimental set-up, two other people in the background

Mechatronics (Master's degree)

Semester 3 Semester
Winter semester/summer semester


From networked cars, Blu Ray players and intelligent household appliances to medical technology: more and more products and applications contain mechatronic systems and thus function through the optimal interaction of mechanical, electronic and information technology components. The Mechatronics Master's programme therefore prepares its students for an increasingly complex and networked working environment, which requires interdisciplinary thinking and working and thus cooperation with neighbouring disciplines, especially for engineers in mechatronics. It expands and deepens the students' competencies without specializing too one-sidedly. More detailed information on the study programme can be found on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical and Plastics Engineering.



Especially in view of the ongoing digitalization and Industry 4.0, mechatronic engineers have very good chances on the job market. They are in demand in development, planning and design, in production and manufacturing, sales and product management, management consulting and research and development, among other areas:

  •     Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and vehicle construction
  •     Information and entertainment technology
  •     Electrical engineering and automation
  •     Chemical, process and chemical engineering
  •     Materials and environmental technology

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


In the interdisciplinary and international Master's program in Mechatronics, the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Technology, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and Computer Science cooperate. It combines meaningful focal points from all three areas, addressing for example aspects of control engineering, change management over the software life cycle or modelling approaches and simulation strategies for the mechanical-dynamic environment. In the elective area, students can selectively deepen their knowledge and already form their own research foci. A detailed presentation of the course contents can be found in the module manual (German). The study course Mechatronics (M.Sc.) is also dual studyable within the KIng model.


Admission requirements for the Master's programme in Mechatronics is a qualified Bachelor's or Diploma degree in the fields of mechatronics or electrical engineering with an overall grade of 2.5 or better and at least 210 CP. Admission requires sufficient knowledge of English. A detailed presentation of the admission requirements can be found in the module diagram (see structure) and in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

Registration deadline (German certificate)