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Communication Design

Standard period of study8 Semester
winter semester
Aptitude test


Books, posters, websites, videos, media installations, corporate identities - students on the Communication Design course work across a broad spectrum. They plan and realise designs to communicate information of all kinds visually and verbally in an intelligent and aesthetically appealing way. At the distinguished Department of Design, students practise using all creative means (text, graphics, typography, photography, illustration, video, animation, surface and space) up to their diploma (FH), whereby the basic disciplines of "typography" and "photography" form special focal points. The artistic qualities are also complemented by cultural, social and business management as well as communicative and conceptual skills. Future designers can put together their own personal specialisations from the practice- and project-oriented range of courses after a broadly based foundation course. The degree programme consciously emphasises intensive, solid artistic training in the area of analogue tools and perception training, which it understands as a universal design basis. In addition, special emphasis is placed on independent, responsible work and personality development. You can find more in-depth information about the degree programme on the website of the Faculty of Design



As artists, communication designers belong to the liberal professions and work independently on tasks from society, culture, business and science.

or employed in a broad field of practice:

  • Design offices
  • advertising agencies, web studios
  • photo and film studios
  • Publishing houses, research institutes
  • Exhibition and trade fair planning, etc.


Qualifications and competences for these fields of activity are taught in the courses of the degree programme, for example in design projects, seminars, workshops and workshop work (see graphic).


The study programme Communication Design / Diploma (FH) is not subject to admission restrictions (no NC), but proof of artistic talent must be provided. The corresponding aptitude test takes place once a year in June. Applications must be submitted to the Student Service Centre (SSC) of the Hochschule Darmstadt by 1 June at the latest. You can apply online from March. The Faculty of Design strongly recommends comprehensive study and career information before beginning your studies. Please contact the faculty for this! An internship is part of the admission requirements. Please consult the faculty's website for more information. A further seven weeks of practical training in the basic study period and a practical semester are then part of the degree programme. The department places particular emphasis on stays abroad (internship, semester abroad) during the degree programme. Admission requirements include general and subject-specific university entrance qualifications, as well as entrance qualifications for universities of applied sciences. Alternatively, an "outstanding artistic talent" can be determined in the entrance test. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the in the Aptitude Test Statutes (German)

Registration deadline (German certificate)

01.06. (first study sem.)/01.09. (higher study sem.)

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