Research Information Management

Since summer 2016 the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt is a member of the HeFIS network. The universities in the HeFIS network are strong research institutions and regard research as one of their central social tasks. In order to professionally present and communicate their research and development activities both internally and externally, they intend to introduce a coordinated Research Information System (RIS). The joint, coordinated procurement, introduction, use and further development of research information systems at several locations in Hessen creates synergies - with this goal, ten universities in Hessen have joined together to form the HeFIS consortium.

Access to research information at h_da

At Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, the central research information system for the management of research projects, which has been in use since 2014, and the information system about publications are being transferred together into a joint research system. This offers the possibility of central information research on all research activities.

At, the research portal is in use from June 2020 and offers information about publications ands projects by researchers at h_da.