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Our interviews, conducted in pairs and small groups, relate to your time spent at the h_da, your career start – and, potentially, everything that has followed. To a greater degree than in a portrait, the interviews focus more on professional experiences, the various branches, plus social, political or economic developments. We’re interested in your point of view, from the perspective of an employee, freelancer, managing director, founder, staff member or manager.


Ways into photography

The communication designers Britta Hüning and Rahel Welsen are freelance photographers, who have each sought - and found - their own affections, focuses and orientations.


Sustainable Thinking

With the Darmstadt-based consultancy "Sustainable Thinking", Joana Schönborn, Lina Ebbinghaus and Sina Wans want to bring dynamism into the transformation of companies towards sustainable action.



Markus Arnold, Thomas Weible and Stephan Werner have converted a former restaurant into their company headquarters. At "Flexoptix", run by the three h_da alumni, the motto is: „Less bullshit, more engineering“.




Anna Herbst

Public Relations
Daniel Timme