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Business Psychology (Bachelor's degree)

Semester 6 Semester
Winter semester
With admission restriction.


During six semesters, our Business Psychology Bachelor’s degree course enables participant students to comprehend, explain and predict the behaviour of people in business fields. The practice-oriented course is tailored to cater to assignment fields in business and society. Students are taught how to apply psychologically-based approaches to business-economic issues: for example, ways in which a company can help to foster more commitment from its workforce.  Two of the following majors can be chosen for specialization:

  • Work, Personnel and Organization
  • Market, consumers and media
  • Environment and sustainability

You can find more detailed information about the degree programme on the Business Psychology website (German).


Their acquired combination of both psychological and business-economical skills leads to graduates being much sought-after on the labour market, and they can count on being presented with an excellent range of opportunities in the following areas:

  • Work-related, personnel and organisational psychology, for instance in personnel or organisational development.
  • Market-based, consumer-oriented or media psychology, for instance in market research or advertising fields.
  • Environmental psychology and sustainability, for instance at research institutes or state-run institutions.


Business Psychology Bachelor’s degree courses are divided across six semesters. During the first three semesters, the practice-related foundations taught are designed to convey a general comprehension of business-psychological principles. During the fourth and fifth semesters, students select and pursue their own major fields of study. In addition to specialist courses held during this period, projects of two semesters’ duration are organised, focussed on the major study fields, enabling students to directly put into practice the principles they have learnt. The study course is wrapped up during the final semester with a practical phase and a Bachelor thesis. A detailed description of the degree course curriculum is presented in the module manual (German).


The Business Psychology Bachelor’s degree course is limited admission (n.c.). The following school-leaving qualifications, among others, are valid as admission prerequisites:

  • General higher education entrance qualification.
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification, valid in Hesse.
  • An advanced technical college certificate, valid in Hesse.

English language skills are required, as is an interest in business and psychological issues. A detailed description of the admission prerequisites is presented in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

Registration deadline (German certificate)