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Semester contribution

How do I check whether I am re-registered?

The semester fee cannot be booked within our system on the following day of the transfer, so it can take up to 10 working days for your re-registration status to change. Therefore, please be patient and check the university portal my.h-da to see if you can see the on-time receipt of your payment.

Winter semester 2022/2023: 272€



Student Union Fee

80,00 €

Student body contribution

11,51 €

Contribution to administrative costs

50,00 €

RMV semester ticket (german)

128,99 €

bike rental system (german)

1,50 €

Information for students

In order to continue your studies, you will need to pay the semester fee by the specified deadline. In case you are completing your studies in the current semester, a re-registration is not required. You will be automatically exmatriculated at the end of the semester.


Please note that the money must be credited to the university's account by the re-registration deadline. Depending on the credit institution, the transfer may take several days.

  • without penalty fee: 15.06.2022 bis 31.07.2022
  • *plus penalty fee: 01.-07.08.2022 (*plus late penalty fee in the amount of 30€. After the fee-based re-registration deadline has expired, you may face exmatriculation!)


If you are unsure about remaining at h_da, you can re-register as a precaution and submit an application for a refund in the event of exmatriculation. Please note the deadline in the application form.

The entitlement to a refund expires as soon as an examination has already been registered in the new semester.

Information for applicants

In order to enrol at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, your semester fee must be received on time. In this context, please note the information on your declaration of acceptance (admission-free degree programmes) or your notification of admission (NC degree programmes).

After payment has been received, you will be enrolled and will receive your CampusCard and the access data for your account (german). If you would like a picture on your CampusCard, the upload (german) must take place before the money transfer.

Cancellation of enrolment (german) is possible subject to a fee.

Bank account details


Hochschule Darmstadt


DE51 5005 0000 5093 4000 17



Credit institution:

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

[year] + [semester identification*] + [application number] + [name]
*1 for a summer semester or 2 for a winter semester 
e.g. 202221234567 MaxMustermann

[year] + [semester identification*] + [matriculation number] + [name]
*1 for a summer semester or 2 for a winter semester 
e.g. 202221234567 MaxMustermann

In the university portal my.h-da you can view the status of your payment and download a receipt.


Former semester fees

Receipts cannot be issued retrospectively for former students. As proof to the tax authorities, you can submit the following overview of previous semester fees (German) together with your exmatriculation certificate.

Telephone consultation