The CampusCard is your Student ID card for the duration of your study course at the h_da – the first issuance is free-of-charge. The CampusCard is not a substitute for an official photo ID (identity card or passport), and cannot be transferred to another person.


Functions of the CampusCard

Current notes

Students can revalidate their CampusCard from August 15th onwards, provided they observe the hygiene rules.


Safeguarding your CampusCard

The h_da does not provide protective covers for cards. Nonetheless, students have a responsibility to make sure that their CampusCards are stored carefully and treated in much the same way as a photo ID would be.
We advise you not to store the CampusCard together with an embossed card, such as a credit card with its protruding letters, in the same pocket of a wallet/purse – as the letters could otherwise scrape away the CampusCard’s imprint. Furthermore, please refrain from using protective covers, as these contain lots of plasticizers which could also peel away the imprint.
Should the imprint on your card nonetheless wear away, please follow the instructions here (German).


Lost your card?

New cards
In the case of loss, theft, a defective or unreadable card – or a change of name – you can apply for a new CampusCard via the Student Service Center. To this end, please send your completed CampusCard-application to helpdesk@h-da.de

If you no longer have the CampusCard in your possession, and it has locking authorisation functions, it is your duty to have the card blocked. You can also block the CampusCard yourself via the self-service feature, under data administration (students) ‘block CampusCard or locking system chip’.

Additional Information

Further information (in German)

Frequently asked questions about the CampusCard
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Site plan (re)validation printer