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International Licensing Law

Semester 4 Semester
Winter semester


The application-oriented four-semester Master's programme trains students for all issues of licensing law in the broadest sense in academia and - primarily - in practice. It provides in-depth knowledge of IT and IP law as well as the associated issues of international, especially Anglo-American law. In addition, there are internationalisation components to a considerable extent, which meet the needs of communication across national borders as well as communication at the interfaces of technology and law. With the specialisation Licence Management in the International Environment, a demanding as well as demand-oriented orientation is offered, which has not existed on the market in this form until now. You can find more detailed information about the degree programme on the Information Law website (German).


The orientation of the degree programme corresponds to the upper employer market in internationally active companies in the IT and media industry, for example in legal departments or in more complex project, contract and licence management. Public institutions that use electronic administrative procedures and thus touch on licensing issues are also considered. Other career prospects:

  • higher starting salary and access to management positions
  • Possibility of a subsequent doctorate

After achieving a master's degree, it is possible to do a doctorate. The central contact point is the graduate school.


The required qualifications and competences are taught in the modules of the Master's programme in International Licensing Law. The curriculum includes seminars and project work. The overview below serves as an illustration. It also mentions access options to the degree programme. You will find a detailed description of the course contents in the module manual (German).


The standard admission requirement for the Master's programme is a qualified diploma or bachelor's degree in a field of law or a first state examination in law. The language of instruction of the degree programme is partly English. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

Registration deadline (German certificate)