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Steinbeis Transfer GmbH

Steinbeis Transfer GmbH

Steinbeis Transfer GmbH at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is a joint company founded by Steinbeis and h_da to systematically promote knowledge and technology transfer at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The trusting partnership with Steinbeis helps the h_da to leverage its transfer potential and enables its researchers to engage in entrepreneurial activities alongside their academic work.

Steinbeis is an established transfer platform that brings together actors from science and industry to put their ideas and projects into practice. More than 1,100 independent Steinbeis companies specialising in specific services have already been founded under the umbrella of the renowned network. The network offers them a legal and formal framework as well as personal support and accompanying services - for example in legal matters or in finance and human resources. Researchers who choose this path of knowledge and technology transfer for their findings and developments can thus focus more on their projects and customers.

At the core of the Steinbeis system are the decentralised Steinbeis enterprises, which are managed independently in business and economic terms. Our colleague in charge, Susanne Mertz, will be happy to advise researchers at the h_da and their cooperation partners on how to found, set up and organise a Steinbeis company.

For more information on Steinbeis Transfer GmbH at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, please visit the corresponding Steinbeis website or take a look at our Steinbeis brochure (DE).