EUt+ Structure

Based on the idea of French President Emmanuel Macron, the European Commission launched the European Universities Initiative in 2017 to promote excellence, innovation and inclusion in higher education across Europe. It is a strong vision for Europe: the 'European Universities' consist in networks of higher education institutions across the EU which enable students to study in several EU countries and different languages. Our alliance named "European University of Technology (EUt+)" was founded in 2018. Together with its seven partners (intern)

Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is working on the vision of a new type of univeristy – the European University. This vision is articulated around our central motto “Think Human First".  Technology is more than a set of techniques or applied sciences. It is our essential human ability to express, think and understand the world through artefacts. In this sense it is an engine of human progress where arts and science meet. Science and techniques make excellent engineers and technicians, but combined with arts, humanities, ethics, and social sciences, they make outstanding professionals and technologically responsible citizens

Through the unprecedented alliance of eight technological universities, our mission is to contribute to the further integration of Europe. In the fields of teaching, research and third-party funding, cooperation between the partners is being strengthened and intensified at all levels.

EUt+ is co-funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the framework of the European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative.

Steering Committee

The EUt+ steering committee meets weekly to discuss the guidelines of the alliance, sketch new projects and plan the EUt+ working meetings. 

Dr. Jorge Medina, internal EUt+ Coordinator, and Prof. Dr. Nicole Saenger, Vice President for Research and Sustainable Development, represent h_da in the steering committee.

EUt+ Project Management

Here you can find a general overview of the EUt+ project management at h_da including all names of the involved persons.

Student Board

The Student Board is composed of 2 students per university. It is the official advocate for the interests of all students from all universities of the EUt+. The misson of the Student Board is to act as a bridge between the students and the Governing Board/Steering Committee. The student representatives for h_da are Samir Pangeni and Sascha Wellmann.

  • The members of the „EUt+ Student Board“ are the link between their fellow students and EUt+. Those Students are usually members of the local student committees/unions or at least work closely together with them (in the case of h_da via AStA).
  • Student representatives have permanent seats and voting rights on the Governing Board. All important decisions of the initiative are made there. In addition, they are also represented in the „Steering Committee“ to participate in the coordination.

Ambitious projects like EUt+ need committed supporters! Interested? Then speak to the EUt+ student representatives of h_da or contact the Student Board directly (in English).

Your contact persons at h_da are Elias Wenz and Sascha Wellmann.

Further projects within EUt+

Joint European Degree Label in engineering (JEDI)

You can find a full list of EUt+ related projects in the Intranet.