Past Events & News 2023

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14.12.2023, 18.00

EUt+ Panel Discussion

Representation of the State of Hessen in Berlin


World Refugee Day



Int. entrepreneurship bootcamp

UTCN, Cluj-Napoca


Intensive Study Programme (ISP)

UTT, Troyes


ELaRA Summer School Sozopol

Sozopol, Bulgarien


Cultural Evening Germany

TU Darmstadt

11. & 12.05.2023

Workshop on Statistical Data Science

h_da central campus (Darmstadt)


EUt+ Darmstadt Week

h_da central campus (Darmstadt)


Women Talk About Science - Science Talks About Women

TU Sofia/hybrid

Meeting in Paphos: EUT+ launches second phase in Cyprus

The most recent working meeting of the EUT+ partners at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) in November was dedicated to the launch of Phase II "Accelerate" of the European Union's European Universities Programme.

EUt+ Cartagena Week: nine universities ready to go for "Phase 2"

From September 25 to 29, more than 120 representatives met at UPCT Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena to assess the achievements of the different work packages of the first funding phase. Read the detailed report of the meeting here.

For some impressions of the week, see this video

EUt+ welcomes a 9th member—UNICAS joins the Alliance

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) will officially join the European University of Technology Alliance (EUt+) on 1 November 2023, date marking the beginning of the 4-year deployment phase of EUt+. For more information, please click here.

World Refugee Day

Friday, 21st July 2023, from 13.00-14.30 CET

Here you can find the schedule.

You can join the event online through the following Zoom link:

International entrepreneurship bootcamp

UTCN, Cluj-Napoca, 10-14 July 2023

We have a summer opportunity for you:

#Entrep-Bootcamp, the International Summer Camp offers an excellent context for students who are interested in enhancing their entrepreneurial skills and soft skills, such as teamwork alongside international students, problem-solving, leadership, and communication.

The workshops offered during the program will cover a range of topics from market segmentation to leadership, allowing students to interact with successful entrepreneurs from around the world and expand their professional network.

In addition to the educational aspect, the summer camp promises to provide plenty of entertainment activities and fun surprises, making it a unique and memorable experience for all participants. It also offers the chance to establish long-term international friendships.

  • When? 10-14 July 2023
  • Where? Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Costs? Only the flight tickets, the rest is covered by the organisers
  • Chances? Every EUt+ partner university can be represented by 4 students. The students will be chosen by the first come, first served principle.

For more details about the organisers, check the SAS Instagram channel.

If you want to join the Entrep-Bootcamp for h_da or have any questions, please contact Anna Herbst (

Cultural Evening Germany

On the occasion of the DAAD Week of European Universities, we organise together with students from Unite!, the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (h_da) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) the cultural evening Germany. Being a new student, you will be experiencing many new cultural things. To give you a better insight, we are happy to welcome you to “Cultural Evening Germany” where you will get a glimpse on the German culture. Through an interactive presentation and traditional food we will facilitate your start in Germany.

Workshop on Statistical Data Science

11. & 12.05.2023

On 11 and 12 May 2023, the Darmstadt Institute of Statistics and Operations Research (DISO) will host a Workshop on Statistical Datascience at h_da.

Via the link you will find the Call for Abstracts as well as information on registration and the workshop schedule.

EUt+ Darmstadt Week at h_da focuses on research topics


The Schöfferstrasse Campus was filled with hustle and bustle from 8 to 12 May. Representatives from all the EUt+ universities were attending the “Darmstadt Week” to take their joint research projects forward. Attention centred on the mid-term report on “EXTRAS”, an EUt+ project that fosters research and the dissemination of knowledge. Appraisers from the European Commission joined the event and delivered a positive assessment of the projects. “EXTRAS” aims to encourage more intensive networking between the EUt+ partner institutions at the research level and to establish a common roadmap for research and innovation.

The Darmstadt Week also included a meeting of the EUt+ working group on microelectronics (coordinated at the h_da by Prof. Thomas Schumann from the Faculty of EIT) to discuss plans for common degree courses, blended intensive programmes (see next article) and mobility options. Parallel to the EUt+ week, the Darmstadt Institute for Statistics and Operations Research at the h_da (DISO) and EUt+ partners organized the “Statistical Data Science” workshop, which was attended by around 30 teaching staff and students. Doctoral students from Cartagena, Cluj, Darmstadt, Dublin and Troyes presented their latest research on the subject. Excursions to Darmstadt and the evening programme enabled participants to become more familiar with the city and our university, and to forge new contacts.

Here, you'll find a video summary of the week by our colleagues from Sofia.

ELaRA Summer School 2023

From 01-04 June 2023, TU Sofia is organising a Summer School on the Black Sea town of Sozopol (Bulgaria). Here you can register for the event. For further information, please contact Dr. Inna Mikhailova.

Women Talk About Science - Science Talks About Women

On the 30.03.2023, TU Sofia is organising a hybrid event on Women in Science. All relevant information can be found in the attached documents.