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Semester of Orientation at the h_da

You've got your Abitur in the bag, but don't yet know what to do after school? Are you still unsure which degree programme suits you best?

At the h_da there are various orientation semesters that give you the opportunity to simply try out the degree programme in your field of interest.

+ Get to know the university and campus life and form your own impression of the degree programme.
+ Find out what really suits you.
+ Prepare yourself optimally for the start of your studies with the orientation semester.
+ Use the time before your studies to make a "good" decision for yourself, which will save you from having to change subjects later on.

Find out now and get started!

+ Trial study and trial training
+ Self-exploration and competence development
+ Individual and group coaching


+ 1 STEM orientation semester
+ 2 Interships
+ Women only


+ Get to know artistic methods and techniques
+ Develop your own means of expression
+ Joint final exhibition


+ Discover STEM
+ Unleash your potential
+ Start well prepared


Contact us

Questions about an orientation semester?
The coordinators of the individual programmes will be happy to answer your questions. Just call or write to them. You can find their contact details on the respective programme pages.

Questions about studying in general or individual degree programmes at the h_da?
You can ask the advisors at the Advisory Service all your questions.
You can find the current office hours and contact details of the Advisory Service here.