Recognition procedure

Many students already bring valuable professional skills to h_da at the beginning of their studies. These can be either

  • achievements from courses of studies at other universities or
  • proof of skills from vocational educations and training and professional and informal practice

These skills can be recognized and credited to the studies, if they meet the requirements of a module in the respective course of study at h_da. This provides additional freedom in the study programme through the omission of certain examinations and courses.

The reference point for the accreditation assessment are the competences taught in the degree programme as described in the respective module manuals. The Recognition Statutes of  h_da (German) regulates the formal side of recognition and credits.

If you are considering whether this is a possibility for you, please get in touch with the responsible contact person for your degree programme at an early stage.

Examination board chairpersons

The chairpersons of the examination board for the respective degree programme decide whether and to which higher semester a placement can be made:

degree programme



Animation and Game (Bachelor), Animation and Game Direction (Master)

Prof. Noa Kafka

Architecture und Interior Architecture (Bachelor and Master)

Prof. Jan Kliebe

Expanded Media (Master)

Prof. Sven Poguntke

Expanded Realities (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Frank Gabler

Interactive Media Design (Bachelor)

Prof. Tsunemitsu Tanaka

Intern. Media Cultural Work (Master), Media Direction (Master)

Prof. Sabine Breitsameter

Industrial Design (Diplom), Communication (Diplom)

Prof. Ulla Marquardt

Motion Pictures (Bachelor)

Prof. Alexander Herzog

Online Journalism (Bachelor) / Media, Technology and Society (Master)

Prof. Dr. Peter Schumacher

Online Communcation (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vlasic

Sound and Music Production (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Kyrill Fischer

degree programme



Computer Science (Bachelor, Master, Dual)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin

Information Science (Bachelor/Master)

Prof. Dr. Margot Mieskes

degree programme



Civil Engineering (Bachelor, Master), Environmental Engineering (Bachelor, Master)

Dr. Tobias Drieseberg

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Christian Jakob

Electrical Engineering (Master), Intern. Electr. Engineering (Master)

Prof. Dr. Michael Kuhn

Electrical engineering distance learning programme (Master), Reliability engineering distance learning programme (Master)

Prof. Dr. Lisa Koch

Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Karl Kleinmann

Industrial Engineering (Master)

Prof. Dr. Ingo Jeromin

Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schick

Mechanical Engineering (Master) / Automobilentwicklung (Master)

Prof. Dr. Dirk Geyer

Mechatronics (Bachelor/Master)

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Jennewein

Plastics Engineering (Bachelor/Master)

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Hundhausen

Smart Building Infrastructure Systems (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kania

degree programme



Applied Mathematics (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Christine Bach

Applied Mathematics (Master)

Prof. Dr. Torsten-Karl Strempel

Biotechnology (Bachelor), Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Master), Industrial Chemistry (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schäfer

Data Science (Master)

Prof. Dr. Antje Jahn

Optical Technology and Image Processing (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Ralf Blendowske

Optical Technology and Image Processing (Master)

Prof. Dr. Stephan Neser

degree programme



Applied Social Sciences (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Jutta Träger

Business Administration (Bachelor/Master)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Wiese

Business Psychology (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Ingo Hamm

Business Psychology (Master)

Prof. Dr. Daniela Lohaus

Energy Management (Bachelor/Master) / Public Management (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Anke Kopsch

Information Law (Bachelor), International Licensing Law (Master)

Prof. Dr. Diana Chiampi Ohly

International Business Administration (Bachelor/Master) / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Knoll

Logistics Management (Bachelor)

Prof. Dr. Johanna Bucerius

RASUM (Master)

Prof. Dr. Anja Hentschel

Social Work (Bachelor/Master)

Prof. Dr. Angelika Nake

Social Work Plus - Mig. Glob. / Soziale Arbeit Plus - Psychomotorik

Prof. Dr. Frank Nickel