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Applied Mathematics (Master's degree)

Semester 4 Semester
Winter semester/summer semester


The subject of the 4-semester Master's program in Applied Mathematics (M. Sc.) are the modern fields of application of mathematics in finance and insurance as well as stochastics and technomathematics. This includes

  • the design and evaluation of financial and insurance products
  • Risk and quality management (also in the context of the requirements of IFRS, Basel III and Solvency II)
  • the planning, control, simulation and optimization of business processes
  • the work in the field of research and development in industry and research institutes.

The course contents combine application relevance and scientific depth. With the Master's thesis as a final paper, students prove that they are able to work on a topic with scientific orientation. In the projects and case studies, students examine practical tasks that combine mathematical methods, modern management methods and state-of-the-art software packages and applications. More detailed information about the programme can be found on the  website of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


The Master's degree opens up very good opportunities on the job market, with attractive starting salaries and access to management positions. It includes access to the higher civil service in the federal and state civil service. It offers those interested in science the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a subsequent doctoral program and thus to pursue an academic career in research and teaching. Exemplary sectors for a responsible activity are listed in the adjacent illustration.

After a Master's degree, there is the possibility of a doctorate. The central contact point is the Graduate School.


The modules of the Master's programme in Applied Mathematics provide the necessary qualifications and skills in the form of courses, internships and project work. The illustration on the right provides an overview. It also lists the access possibilities to the programme. A detailed presentation of the course contents can be found in the module manual (German).



The standard admission requirement for the Master's programme is a good or very good qualified Bachelor's or Diploma degree in the field of mathematics with at least 180 credit points. For degrees that do not meet the above criteria, the board of examiners conducts individual aptitude and assessment tests. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

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