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The h_da promotes respectful and appreciative interaction among all members and affiliates. Equal opportunities and fairness are of central importance.


  • for racist reasons or because of
  • ethnic or social origin,
  • gender,
  • religion or belief,
  • disability,
  • chronic illness,
  • age

shall be eliminated.

Forms of disadvantage

  1. direct disadvantage: You experience unfavourable treatment because of a reason mentioned above. The instruction to discriminate is considered to be discrimination.
  2. indirect discrimination: you are discriminated against on one of the above grounds by rules, criteria or procedures.
  3. (sexual) harassment: you are violated in your dignity by (sexually determined) behaviour related to a reason mentioned above. The harassing behaviour can be verbal or non-verbal. Bullying or stalking can also constitute (sexual) harassment.

A detailed definition of the forms of discrimination can be found in §3 of the Anti-Discrimination Directive (german).

advise centres

  • To give the opportunity for discussion
  • inform about support possibilities and rights
  • refer to external advice centres where necessary.

You can also make use of the advisory service by using a third person or a pseudonym. With your consent, the advice centres can work towards an amicable settlement between you and the other party.

Right of appeal and procedure

In the event of discrimination, you have a right of appeal. If possible, the complaint should be made in writing to the complaints office. Details on the complaint procedure can be found in §9 of the Anti-Discrimination Directive (german). If your complaint is upheld, protective measures can be taken.

If you have witnessed a discriminatory incident, please also contact the complaints office.

Your concern will be treated confidentially and further steps will always be discussed with you.

Additional Information

Complaints office

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