Required German skills

If you have acquired your university entrance qualification abroad, proof of German language skills is required when applying to h_da for a German-language degree programme. If you are applying for an English-language degree programme, proof of German language proficiency is normally not required. 
There are differences between the minimum requirements to apply successfully via uni-assist and the knowledge you need to be actually enrolled in a degree programme:

Minimum requirement to apply

You must be able to prove a minimum level of German language skills by the application deadline. The following certificates are accepted at h_da for this purpose, a certificate of attendance is not sufficient:

With these language certificates, however, you cannot enrol in a study programme. Please note the minimum requirement for studies.

Minimum requirement for studies

In order to enrol for the desired degree programme, you must submit one of the following documents as proof of your language qualification:

DSH course at the h_da

If you meet the minimum level of German for application to the h_da, but you still lack the minimum language requirements for studying, you will receive an invitation for the German preparatory course (DSH) at h_da.

Registration for courses and examinations is only possible at the DSH Counselling Centre. If you have any questions about language courses and examinations, please contact:
DSH Counselling Department
For more information, including deadlines and office hours, please visit the webseite of the Language Department.


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