Economy and society

The social sciences include the sciences that theoretically analyse and empirically investigate the phenomena of people living together in society. Both the structure and function of social interdependencies of institutions and their interaction with the patterns of action and behaviour of the individual participants are analysed.

Economics in particular also belongs to this field and also plays an important role in other social science disciplines.

Economics is the study of economics and is divided into the areas of business administration, which examines the economic side of a company within an economy, and economics, which examines the overall economic relationships and processes in a society. Econometric methods are used to empirically test economic theory models and to quantitatively analyse economic phenomena.

Applied Social SciencesBachelor6 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Business Administration (B.Sc.)Bachelor6 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Business Administration (M.Sc.)Master4 *DE
Business Psychology (B.Sc.)Bachelor6 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Business Psychology (M.Sc.)Master4 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Energy Management (B.Sc.)Bachelor7 freeDE
Energy Management (M.Sc.)Master3/4 *DE
Information LawBachelor6 freeDE
International Business Administration, part-time (B.Sc.)Bachelor8 freeDE
International Licensing LawMaster4 *DE
Logistics ManagementBachelor6 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Master3/4 *EN
Public ManagementBachelor6 freeDE
Risk Assessment and Sustainability ManagementMaster4 *DE
Social WorkBachelor6 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Social Work PLUS Migration and GlobalisationBachelor8 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Social Work PLUS PsychomotricityBachelor7 Numerus Clausus (NC)DE
Social Work: Critically reflective and empirical approaches (Master's degree)Master4 *DE

Sem* ≘ Semester, Start* ≘ Start of studies, Form* ≘ Form of admission, Lang* ≘ Instruction language, Test ≘ Aptitude test