Studienkolleg (Preparatory College)

Who must attend a Studienkolleg?

Applicants whose foreign educational certificates are not comparable with a German higher education entrance qualification (HZB) must attend the Studienkolleg before taking up their studies and take a final exam (Feststellungsprüfung) there in order to obtain a HZB. Applicants whose foreign certificates correspond to the standard of the German higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) cannot attend the Studienkolleg.

For the application, please refer to the information on the website: "Applying with a foreign certificate". In addition, proof of the required knowledge of the German language must be provided. 
Further information can be found on the webseite of the Studienkolleg Darmstadt.

Main focus courses for h_da

In the following overview of focus courses you can see which focus course you will need for your desired degree programme at the h_da.


Main area W

The Studienkolleg Darmstadt only offers T and G courses! If you would like to attend a W-course at another Studienkolleg in order to start an economics degree programme at h_da, please apply to our university via uni-assist after you have passed the assessment test.


Once your educational certificates have been positively assessed, and your details forwarded to h_da via uni-assist, the h_da will invite you to take part in an admissions exam for the preparatory college.
Appointments are displayed on the website of the Studienkolleg Darmstadt.

The Studienkolleg begins twice a year, respectively

  • at the beginning of September (winter semester)
  • at the beginning of March (summer semester)

Applications to attend the Studienkolleg can be submitted during this period:

  • for a winter semester: mid-March to 15 April each year 
  • for a summer semester: beginning of September to 15 October of a year.

Transition to a degree course once the assessment exam has been passed

Once you have passed the assessment exam, you may apply for any degree course at h_da that your certified exam results permit within your chosen field.

There is no need for you to apply once more via uni-assist, if you were already registered at h_da in order to attend the preparatory college. As soon as you have received your certificate, please get in touch with the SSC so that the application for your degree course can be processed within the deadlines. To this end, you should submit either the original certificate of your assessment exam, or a certified copy of it, including your application number, well within the stated deadline.

Applicants who registered at a different German university, in order to attend a preparatory college, will need to apply to h_da via uni-assist.



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