Research & Transfer

EUt+ brings together the expertise of eight partner universities and enables joint working in different fields. Our signature is a way to sum up our challenge and our impact: European values empowering technology. An essential requirement hereby is not to look at individual problems from separate disciplinary perspectives. Only such an integrating view of the problems to be dealt with allows for complexity appropriate to the subject matter. The aim is to clarify the various effects and interactions on the one hand, but also the influences of involved and interested actors. This includes the complex interplay of environment and society as a whole.

Interdisciplinary European research institutes

The European Culture and Technology Laboratory (ECT Lab+) is a transdisciplinary collaborative structure that conducts cutting-edge research and in-depth investigations into the nature and function of technology.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Düber

Tim Christmann

The office supports the researchers in EUt+ and the research institutes as a European project office. Its main tasks are capacity building as well as the administrative and technical support of projects within the framework of the European Fund. This includes in particular:

  • identification of calls for research funding, that are suitable for EUt+ participants.
  • providing information on open calls, application opportunities and procedures.
  • establishing contact with external project partners and relevant national and European funding agencies.

Dr. Rainer Becker

The office serves as a coordination and contact point between all EUt+ research institutes, all partner universities and the local transfer stakeholders of the partners. The office is a contact point for all researchers within EUt+ in terms to European knowledge and technology transfer.

This includes:

  • maintaining and developing contacts with the industry and SMEs, matchmaking with researchers
  • advising and supporting researchers and research institutions on transfer possibilities and activities
  • establishing and expanding start-up support for researchers

Anna Herbst

The European Laboratory For Pedagogical Action - Research And Student-Centred Learning (ELaRA) is organised around a number of research themes:

  • innovative student-centred pedagogies to promote selfdirected, lifelong learning in technology education.
  • change in higher education, changing epistemologies and teaching practice, teacher development and methods to facilitate change.
  • educating students about the role of technology in society including ethics and professional development.

Dr. Inna Mikhailova

  • Data Science Lab
  • Sustainability Lab
  • EUTINN (nanomaterials and nanotechnologies)