Five Locations

h_da departments are situated at five locations within the city of Darmstadt, as well as in nearby Dieburg. Visible for miles, the most prominent landmark at h_da is the high-rise tower on the main campus near Darmstadt Central Station.

The Department of Design is located at Mathildenhöhe, the internationally renowned Art Noveau centre. This area‘s “Wedding Tower” is also found in the h_da logo.

Biotechnology is located near the Botanical Gardens. In 2000, the campus of the former Telekom University of Applied Sciences in Dieburg was integrated and has since been developed into h_da's Media Campus.

Virtual Campustour

In the virtual 360-degree campus tour, you can roam around the campus from your home computer or smartphone and take a look at different buildings. The various locations and rooms will be added successively.