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Two-day EUT+ Workshop: Putting Emphasis on Team Building and Project Organization

More than 60 participants gathered on the 20th and 21st of March 2024 at the Wasserbauhalle (Hydraulic Engineering Hall) on the Campus Schöfferstraße to collectively bring the vision of EUT+ to life. The workshop was specifically aimed at employees of h_da who are actively involved in the diverse areas of work within the alliance. Alongside team-building activities, discussions in both groups and plenary sessions centred around the opportunities and benefits of EUT+ for our university, as well as the concrete modes of collaboration within the team.


On the way to the European University: high-level panel discussion in Berlin highlights opportunities

The h_da is a unique German pioneer with its objective of becoming a European uni-versity. The long-term aim is to merge completely with its eight partners in the Euro-pean University of Technology (EUt+). The question of how such a transnational uni-versity could be constituted was the focal point of a high-level panel discussion held in the Hessian State Representation in Berlin.

Read the full report by Kilian Kirchgessner.

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EUt+ Statement on Ukraine

EUt+ condemns in the strongest possible terms the invasion of Ukraine, the terrible human suffering that it has caused and the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. More specifically, we condemn the attacks on Universities and university staff and students who stand for truth and justice.

EUt+ is not just a project, it is an embodiment of the fundamental European values and democratic principles that we share with our colleagues in all Ukrainian universities.

EUt+ believes we must Think Human First.

Our eight universities stand fully beside Ukraine in spirit and in practice. EUt+ universities will not collaborate with any institution or individual who endorses this war.

We stand beside all those who condemn the war. We are in close contact with Ukrainian students and staff to provide help by all available means.

We will support students and academic staff of Ukrainian universities by offering scholarships, hostels and any other available help. We will work together to offer a common answer.


President of h_da
Prof. Dr. Arnd Steinmetz

Coordinator EUt+
Dr. Jorge Medina


Eventmanagement EUt+
Tim Christmann


EUt+ Deputy Secretary General
Dr. Janina Fengel


Visit us!

You find the EUt+ offices in building C10 (Hochhaus), 13th floor.

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Tue 16 Apr

Invitation "A blueprint for a European degree"

On 29th April 2024, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, the event "A Blueprint for a European Degree" will be held in Brussels. All interested parties can join…

Fri 16 Feb

Call for papers: 2nd EUT+ International Conference on Languages (Cartagena, 26-28 June 2024)

The 2nd EUT+ Conference on Languages will focus on "Merging New Trends and Consolidating Good Practices in Languages for Specific Purposes". The event…

Mon 05 Feb

Interview with Arnd Steinmetz (DAADeuroletter)

In the DAADeuroletter, the President of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) provides an insight into the University’s involvement in the…

Tue 14 Nov

CercleS webinar: DACADU as "Best Practice"

"DACADU - an intercultural and multilingual project within the European University Alliance EUt+" will be presented on 15.11.23 in the webinar:…

Tue 07 Nov

“Town Hall” meeting on EUt+: Lively exchange with 170 participants


Fri 27 Oct

Visit of Prof. Dr. Arnd Steinmetz to Technical University of Sofia and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

At the end of the 1st funding phase of EUt+, the president of h_da visited the Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and the Technical Unversity of…

Mon 16 Oct

Students from Cyprus visit the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Within the framework of EUt+, 19 students from the Cyprus University of Technology have come to Darmstadt to reinforce their knowledge in practical…