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portraits & interviews

portraits & interviews

Now to the more personal part, for in this section we focus on the professional careers of individual h_da alumni, also in terms of their personal experiences, attitudes and motives. Somewhere you can browse over portraits, rummage through a few interviews or scrutinize the profiles of former peers!


The individual personalities and life journeys experienced by our alumni are as multi-varied as the study courses available at h_da. These portraits aim to bring you closer to other graduates by sharing such experiences, both in professional terms and as people. An overview is available by clicking the tiles.



We’ve been nagging our alumni with questions since 2021, for these interviews are designed to illuminate career routes thus far, and to aid in finding out individual perspectives and interpretations of matters and events. One thing is certain: it’s bound to be interesting. Click on the icon to access various interviews.



What emerges when one crosses the questionnaire in a weekly newspaper with an official registration form and a poetry album? We were keen to find out as well, for this is one way of describing the self-disclosure. We encourage h_da alumni profiles to be as personal as is comfortable and right amusing: from photos shot during your student days, favourite apps, right across to characterising oneself in three words, this section includes quite a few unexpected replies – and probably several familiar faces.




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