June 28 to 30

About Darmstadt

In 1997 Darmstadt received the title of "City of Science". Its name was earned by numerous research institutions and renowned universities. In addition to the h_da, TU Darmstadt and the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt are important universities. The ESA / ESOC with its European Space Operations Center has its headquarters in Darmstadt. Likewise, research is carried out in various companies in the city. Some research facilities e.g. Merck and GSI can also be visited.

Since 2018, Darmstadt has also been designated as a digital city. The city promotes various projects related to digitalization. For example, the “5G project” which is funded by the German government.

Besides science, Darmstadt additionally has a rich culture. Mathildenhöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an important intersection in the development towards modernism in architecture, art, and design. Around its wedding tower are various museums, artists' houses, and galleries. Hundertwasser has also left his mark on Darmstadt's cityscape, an example is his Waldspirale. Apart from the Mathildenhöhe, you can find other buildings throughout the city that have been influenced by the Jugendstil, the Darmstadt's main train station is an impressive example. Other worthly city sight seeing`s are the modern state theater and numerous parks and gardens.

Darmstadt offers several number of leisure activities. The Heinerfest, for example, is one of the largest street festivals in Germany, offering cultural programs, theater, and open-air stages. It will take place this year from June 30th, 2022, to July 4th, 2022 - thus also at the time of the Summit. A visit here is worthwhile.

Impressions of Darmstadt