June 28 to 30

Hotel information

The Maritim Hotel offers rooms for 75 Euro (approx. 81 US-Dollar/ 62 GBP/ 76 CHF) per night including breakfast (company rate). The hotel is in short walking distance to h_da, right at the main train station in Darmstadt and with a very good bus connection to Frankfurt airport in approx. 30 mins.

To book a hotel room, please follow the link and make sure that you use the code HSDA52:


Airliner Bus

The Airliner is a direct bus from Frankfurt Airport to Darmstadt Central Station. The journey time is only 30 minutes. It leaves every half hour and is priced between 9 and 20 euros. Additionally, there is free WiFi.

For more information click here: https://www.heagmobibus.de/sites/default/files/media/Airliner_Faltblatt_2021_11_26_Web.pdf

Pandemic Information

The COVID-19 pandemic is still dynamic, so changes are always possible. We have to adjust flexibly depending on the situation.

Due to the pandemic, restrictions for entry into Germany from many countries apply. Persons entering must complete a digital entry registration. They also have to provide a negative test result or proof of immunity. For more details please go on:


With the discontinuation of a large number of prescribed infection control measures in everyday life, the self-responsible actions of each individual person take on even greater importance. There is no longer a general obligation to wear masks indoors, only in some places. There is also no longer a legal requirement to wear masks in schools, universities and other educational institutions. However, institutions can have their own rules in this regard. The general obligation to provide negative proof when entering all workplaces no longer exists. For more details please look at:


Here you find the „Corona-rules“ at h_da: https://h-da.de/fileadmin/h_da/Intranet/Einblicke/Corona-Handbuch-Dokumente/A03e_-_Hygiene_concept_2022-05-26.pdf