One-off payment for h_da students

Access code and PIN

The access code is displayed to all authorised students after they log in to my.h-da. You should have received an email with your PIN yesterday/today. The PIN is only necessary in connection with a BundID account without online ID function.


What is the one-off payment?

The one-off payment of 200 euros according to the Energy Price Allowance Act (EPPSG) was decided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with effect from 21 December 2022. This one-off payment is intended to support students and (vocational) students in view of the higher burdens caused by increased energy prices.

The application is possible from March 15th to September 30th, 2023.

Who can apply for the one-off payment?

All students who were enrolled on the reference date of December 1st, 2022 (guest students and students attending a preparatory course are excluded) and who were resident in Germany on the reference date may apply for the one-off payment of 200 euros.

Those who have already received the energy price flat rate for employed persons as well as a heating cost allowance can also apply for the one-off payment.

4 steps to apply

1. Set up a BundID account

You can use the BundID account to register for many online government services. To apply for the one-off payment, you must check your identity via the BundID account. You have two options here:

If you have

  • the Online identification function of your identity card, your electronic residence permit or your Union citizen card, or
  • the EU identity, i.e. the electronic identification (eID) of your European home country, or
  • your personal ELSTER certificate 

available, you can set up your BundID account accordingly. You can follow the detailed Instructions provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). For the application, you will then only need the access code that you will receive from h_da.

If you do not have any of the above options for setting up a BundID account with online ID function, you can use your access code together with a PIN instead of electronic identification.

The registration then works as follows:

  1. You still need a BundID account, which you can create at any time. In this case, select the variant "Register with user name and password" on the BundID website.
  2. Once you have completed the registration on the BundID website, you will receive an email at the address you provided. Click on the activation link to complete the registration of your BundID account.
  3. In addition to the access code, you will need a PIN to apply, which you should have received by email from the Student Service Center (SSC).

2. Get your access code

From March 15th, 2023 onwards, the access code will be displayed to you after logging in to my.h-da, provided you are eligible to apply.

3. Fill out the online application

The application is possible from March 15th until September 30th 2023 on the nationwide plattform.
The access code you can call up on my.h-da is your personal key to access the application.

If you have a BundID account WITH online ID function, you only need to provide your bank connection.


If you are using a BundID account without the online identity document function, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Online application and enter your access code.
  2. Answer the question: "Have you also received a PIN in addition to your access code?" with "Yes" and enter the PIN in addition to your access code.
  3. You will then be directed to the login with your BundID account. Now you can log in with the user name and password of your BundID account and fill in the application for a one-off payment.

4. Receive one-off payment

If all requirements are met, you will receive an email with the approval and the 200 euros to your specified account.


FAQ on the one-off payment
Answers to common questions (in German)

Questions about the access code/PIN
Student Service Center 

Individual questions about the application
Information hotline of the federal government

0800 2623 003
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Fr from 8 to 12