Check of CV and Cover Letter in English for applying for jobs in Germany

An effective job-application sparks the recruiter’s interest in talking with a candidate personally in an interview.

In Germany employers usually expect applications to be in German language so in this case your chances to find a job can possibly be higher.

But as long as your language skills in German are not sufficient it doesn‘t make much sense to apply in German so we recommend you to apply in English instead.

With that goal in mind, this CV check provides you with feedback on your English-language CV and/or Cover Letter and aims to help you to further develop and refine these materials.

Potential areas of focus include:

  • Selection and structure of content
  • Strengthening descriptions of skills and experience
  • Formatting

Sebastian Everling, Career Center of Hochschule Darmstadt

By individual appointment
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  • Either online via BigBlueButton
  • or face to face at Career Center of Hochschule Darmstadt

Please be ready to send us a draft of your English-language CV and/or Cover Letter so we can prepare your CV check in advance.

An individual consultation lasts 60 minutes.

For students of Hochschule Darmstadt this service is free.

In addition to your application documents please also provide, if possible, an advertisement for a job you could imagine actually applying for.