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Expanded Realities (Bachelor's degree)

7 semesters
winter semester
Aptitude test

Whether games or medicine, school, industry or science: virtual reality and expanded realities in general are about to break into almost every area of life. They will soon become part of everyday life just like the smartphone today. Students are helping to shape this future in the international bachelor’s program Expanded Realities. They conceive, design and develop new worlds and applications and contribute to a completely new media language. They master the technological aspects of virtual, augmented or mixed reality as well as the creative and conceptual production of content and develop an understanding of the ethical and social dimensions of this new medium. Additional information on the study program can be found on the website of the Faculty of Media.


The prospects are diverse and promising as more and more industries are working with Expanded Realities, including media and entertainment, but also industry and academia. Typical professions and work areas are:

  • Direction and production of applications and products in the field of Expanded Reality
  • Conception and development of technologies and applications in the field of ER
  • Interaction and experience design, as well as 3-D world-building & ER storytelling
  • Marketing of relevant media products

Essential technical, creative and scientific basics are taught in the first two semesters. From the third semester onwards, the practical workshops take up a central role. Here, students work in teams on increasingly complex practical projects with high-tech equipment, as they will be doing later in their professional lives. In the fourth semester the students spend the practical phase in a company. Further Expanded Realities workshops are followed by a research project and the bachelor‘ s thesis in the seventh semester. You will find a detailed description of the course contents in the module manual (German).


Advice from a student
David Michael Rhodes

Given the current situation all contact is strictly per email for the moment. xr-studieren@h-da.de

Portrait: Rhodes, David Michael (Stud. FBMD)

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