Image: h_da Campus Darmstadt - Aufnahme mit Gebäuden und den h_da Fahnen im Vordergrund, sonniger Tag

Corporate Communication


Press releases of h_da
The press releases of h_da since 2005 until today.

The university newspaper campus_d traces the major lines of development at h_da between 2009 and 2022.

Science magazine "impact"
The magazine for applied science and art presents research, development and transfer from h_da.

Image brochure, German
An overview of the university on 60 pages.

Image brochure, English
A brief overview of the university for contacts abroad.

Image presentation
The power point presentation of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences as pdf

Image presentation, English
The English Power Point presentation of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences as pdf

Podcast "Bitte wenden"
The Darmstadt podcast on the mobility transition by Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da), HEAG mobilo and the City of Science Darmstadt.

Major events

h_da welcomes its first-semester students with a big show to kick off the semester in October.

h_da Campusfestival
The big summer festival for students and other university members with live acts on a large stage.

Event service

Conference office
Support for scientific conferences (registration required)

Exhibition material
(registration required)

Exhibitions on campus (registration required)

Calendar of events

Marketing and merchandising

University campaign
The current campaign shows why studying at h_da makes you "practically unbeatable".

University treasures in the h_da shop, partly "created by alumni"

Campus communication

Interactive campus map

Panorama campus tour

Portal for campus development

Internal communication

Topic dossiers for university members (registration required)

Newsletter of the Presidential Board
News from the university management by subscription

Social Media