Transparency and integrity

The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is committed to ensuring good scientific practice, transparency and integrity in research. This can be seen


An ombudsperson has been appointed at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the statutes for safeguarding good scientific practice. The main tasks of the ombudsperson include:

  1. As a person of trust, he/she advises those members and members of the university who inform her about scientific misconduct as defined in § 6.
  2. The ombudsperson takes up relevant information of which he/she becomes aware directly or indirectly through third parties and tries to clarify it.
  3. He/she shall examine whether the allegations are plausible in terms of concreteness and significance as well as possible motives, and shall clarify whether there are possibilities to dispel the allegations (preliminary investigation pursuant to Article 13 paragraph 3).
  4. He/she applies for the preliminary investigation procedure to the investigating committee pursuant to § 13 paragraph 4.
  5. After the conclusion of a formal investigation procedure, he/she shall take care of the persons involved and informing them in accordance with section 18. 6.
  6. He/she shall be obliged to document its actions, taking into account the protection of the personality of informing and affected persons.

Every member and former member as well as every member and former member of the university has the right to speak to the ombudsperson personally within a short period of time.